Asbestos Roof Tiles

Asbestos roof tiles

The most common place asbestos is found is in domestic and commercial roofs and living under the shadow of an asbestos roof is never a good idea. Identifying a roof to contain asbestos is no easy task, you cant just tell by looking at it…

Here at C A Asbestos our first job would be to confirm that your roof contains Asbestos by taking a sample for analysing and providing you with an independent report. Once it has been confirmed that your roof contains asbestos, a full detailed plan of removal is made ensuring your safety is our number one priority.

Each job will have a method statement which documents all the risk factors. The job will be carried out by one of your fully UKATA qualified staff and all the asbestos we remove will be recorded and disposed of in accordance to the special waste regulations 1996 and a certificate is provided.

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